• Prof. M G Deshpande award for best paper from Academia : Paper #191, "Liquid droplet morphology on the fiber of a fog harvester mesh and the droplet detachment conditions under gravity", Arani Mukhopadhyay, Partha Sarathi Dutta, Amitava Datta, and Ranjan Ganguly.
  • Prof. Y V N Rao Award for best paper from Industry-Institution Interaction : Paper #72, "Numerical Study of Nanoparticle Injection in Tumors for Nanoparticle-assisted Hyperthermia", Mettu Sagar, Sanjeev Soni, Sarit K. Das, and Himanshu Tyagi.
  • Sadhana's Most Innovative Research Award : Paper #142, "Paper-based Microfluidic Pump for Point-of-Care Applications", Vaibhav Jaiswal, P. S. Gandhi.
  • Sadhana's Best Paper Presentation Award: Shamik Hazra from IIT Madras for Paper #22, "Viscoelastic Droplet Dynamics in Viscoelastic Matrix", Shamik Hazra, Sushanta K Mitra, Ashis Kumar Sen.