Weather Report

Weather in Guwahati

Guwahati is a beautiful destination and has different charms in every season.

October to March – This is the best time to enjoy a holiday in Assam. The weather is mostly pleasant with minimum temperature. The weather here is not extreme and the average temperature ranges between 19° Celsius and 28° Celsius during the year. Humidity is an inherent in Guwahati’s climate and it is often around 80-90 percent, except during the dry winter season. Monsoon season in Guwahati lasts from June to early September. During this time the city experiences frequent downpour and thunder-showers. The city receives an annual rainfall of 1613 mm. June and July often receive the maximum rainfall and many parts of the city gets flooded. The monsoon season is followed by the autumn season starting around mid-September and continuing till early-November. This is a comfortable time in the city as the climate is warm and moderate, and the skies are clear with little rainfall which reduces the humidity. Guwahati experiences the winter season during the months of November to February and the average temperature during this time ranges between 10° Celsius - 20° Celsius. During this time the city does not get much rainfall which makes the weather dry and comfortable. The days are sunny and the mornings are misty. The evenings and the night often get chilly and the coolest month is usually January. The best time to visit Guwahati is between the months of from October to March. During this time the temperatures are not too high and rainfall is scanty, making it ideal for visitors to explore the place.

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